Notable Bedan Reacts To Racial Discrimination


March 14, 2012

Adeogun Olaide Jubril is a San Beda Red Lion from Nigeria.

I am amazed that those concerned should be do dismissive of "unggoy" being hurled at him. To me it is like like saying "nigger" or "nigrah" in the U.S. today. It just is not done in polite society.

After hearing "gago" recently used in the impeachment hearing and the Senate looking the other way, the diminution or disappearance of "breeding" is becoming more and more pronounced.

Now we see injury being added to insult. Adeogun is banned from entering any NCAA venue for two years!

Suppose the issue reaches the United Nations as a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? We will lose the goodwill of our African brothers and sisters and much of the civilized world.

I have been an NCAA fan all my life. I have not heard any team officially using "Unggoy" as part of any team's chant, with all due respect to the NCAA Mancom. No Egot, no Tsekwa, atbp. is sanctioned if we are to remain civilized in a society where breeding is going, going, gone.

What happened to the volleyball player who started or joined the chant of San Sebastian? I am incredulous that such a distinguished school would approve such an un-Christian chant. Say it ain't so.

I hope Mancom will reconsider and moderate and equalize sanctions. Titles should be won in the hard court, not in a board or courtroom. To fight for the basic human right of dignity should encouraged everywhere, particularly in Catholic schools.

When Shaquille O'Neal said Ching-Chong-Yan-Wah-Ah-So, he apologized to Yao Ming. Shouldn't the one who said "Unggoy" also apologize?

- Atty. Rene Saguisag
constitutionalist and human rights lawyer.

Source: Ms. Olen-Lim

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